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“There is nothing like a well-tailored man in a well-tailored suit.”

Vesvusa is bringing back The Elegance, The Gentleness and The Romanticism that comes with a well-fitted suit. We will help you look dapper and striking in our wide range of international fabrics from The Italy and rest of the world. And that too, without you leaving your home!

Select the Fabric, Get tailored and styled; and receive the Masterpiece, all at your Doorstep!

Whether you choose simplicity in design or have an exquisite and sophisticated taste in fashion; our team of experts will reach your place and time of convenience to help you with the “Perfect suit” you have always wished for.

Steps for a Perfect Suit

Select the Fabric

Our team will reach your place and present you the finest ranges of fabrics from our collection. They will assist you in choosing the material that best fits the suit you wish to have according to the body type, occasion and also the weather.

Get Styled

Decide on the style you have been wanting to have. Chose the colors and patterns from our range of palettes. Decide with the designs- classic or a trendier? A two-piece, or a 3 piece? Notched or peaked? Our experts are there to suggest you according to your style and comfort.

Get Tailored

Measurements are crucial for that Perfect Suit. Our experts will go beyond the standard measurements and will take as many as it is required to give you the look you have always wanted.

Trial of your Masterpiece

At this point, our team will arrive with a temporarily stitched suit to check with the fittings. You can also make slight changes now if you wish to. This will then be fine-tuned to perfection; without any alterations required.

Delivery of your Masterpiece

After the trials, your suit will now be delivered at your desired place after a thorough check. Your final measurements will be kept safe with us for future reference; with any modifications or alterations required.


Please allow us to book an appointment with you. Our team of stylish experts and tailors will visit your place to take your measurements and know more about your tailoring needs.